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本公司專營之所有嬰兒及兒童用品, 均從美國直接入口到港, 通過美國當地入口安全檢查及測試, 亦已獲得產品合格證明。本地家長絕對可以放心讓BB享用到高質素而價格相宜嘅美國原裝正版嬰幼兒產品及服飾等用品。
本公司亦為嬰兒及兒童引入之各大服裝品牌, 以著名美國流行服裝品牌旗下之童裝系列為主, 絕對係百分百原裝美國版本。所供應嘅童裝品牌, 本店均以現貨發售及限量供應, 務求經常以不同嘅款式作招徠, 絕對係專為本地家長响挑選貨品比佢哋嘅BB嘅另一個優質而有信心嘅選擇。

We are glad to announce that our company is a direct importer and also a reliable online shop for baby products in Hong Kong specializing in importing all sorts of baby and kids products including name brand fashions directly and solely from United States and Europe supplying to local Hong Kong market. All these name brand products are exclusively manufactured for the well-regarded US brand baby product companies and corporations in compliance with the safety standard required by US import regulation and control policy. These products are all proven to be safe in quality and guaranteed to meet with the international consumer product standard selling in many US department stores and concurrently supplying nationwide in US domestic market. 

Now, we cordially dedicate to supply these products to Hong Kong market in a wide variety of choices and brand selection to local parents as a way to choose the right and safe products for their babies in a hassel-free manner, also at attractive and affordable prices guranteed everyday. We also carry a wide range of babykids clothings based on varying seasons and up-to-date fashion trends in the babykids fashion series exclusively created by those famous brand designers in US. In bringing the latest fashion trends to our local babies, our babykids clothing products are sometimes sold within limited time as to be updated on ongoing basis in embracing the changing trends from time to time. ​

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