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The feature of ANS BABY
ANS 嬰兒配方奶粉的特色


ANS BABY is our premium quality, all Australian infant formula range. Our range of unique formulations are based on the inspiration of breast milk and developed to nutritionally support the immune system.


ANS嬰兒配方奶粉是100% 澳洲生產的高質素嬰兒配方奶粉。我們獨特的配方是以母乳營養成分為基礎,經過改良,成為給嬰兒提供充足營養、增強免疫力的高質素配方奶粉

International Recognized Standards

ANS BABY infant formula is export quality and is manufactured in accordance with Australian Laws and Government Regulations: the Food Act, Dairy Act, and internationally recognized quality standards such as World Health Organization (WHO), Australian Standard (A.S.), International Dairy Federation (I.D.F) and American Dairy Products Institute (ADPI). This means that ANS BABY cannot leave the factory unless it is exceptional.


ANS 嬰兒配方奶粉符合出口標準,並遵循以下澳洲法律法規生產:食物法、乳製品法,以及一系列國際組織定制的國際認可標準,如世界衛生組織(WHO),澳洲標準(A.S.), 國際乳業聯會(I.D.F) 以及美國乳製品機構(ADPI),等等。這一點足以說明ANS嬰兒配方奶粉出廠的標準之高。


ANS Baby港鐵及小巴宣傳廣告

1)澳洲奶源From Dairy Farm!
2)澳洲原罐製造, 防污染!
3)濕混技術的好處 (Wet-Blend Mixing)!

  • 分子小、容易溶解於水!

  • 易於吸收!

  • 減低幼兒食後脹氣!

  • 減低打嗝的情況!

  • 提升幼兒睡眠質素!




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